1957 Shilling Embassy Silverware Bracelet


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Step into a world of timeless elegance with this handmade bracelet featuring exquisite floral patterned silverware handles with the stamping “Embassy” on their inner surfaces. Connecting these handles is a piece of Australian history a genuine 1957 Shilling coin, a captivating connector between the two handles.

The floral design on the silverware handles adds a touch of delicate beauty to this piece. Each handle tells a story of its own.

Designed for both style and ease of wear, this bracelet features extra strong magnetic clasps. The secure clasps provide peace of mind while adding a touch of modern convenience to this timeless piece.

Measuring 21cm in length, the bracelet fits elegantly around the wrist, making a statement wherever it goes. For those desiring a slightly larger fit, additional jump rings can be added, allowing for a customized and comfortable wearing experience.