1963 Sixpence Wilding Silverware Bracelet


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Handmade bracelet featuring a centerpiece of a 1962 Australian Sixpence coin, proudly showcased within the charm of repurposed vintage cutlery. The handles of this bracelet bear the stamping of “Wilding EPNS A1,” adding a touch of authenticity and heritage to this piece.

The focal point of the bracelet, the 1962 Sixpence coin, is a symbol of history, capturing the bygone era. Paired vintage cutlery, it creates a stunning old world charm bracelet.

Completed with extra strong magnetic clasps, ensuring effortless wearability for the wearer. Simply snap it on with ease and revel in the elegance of this unique accessory.

This bracelet serves as a wearable piece of history, offering a connection to the past through its vintage components and iconic coin.

Measuring 20cm in length, the bracelet offers a comfortable fit for most wrists, with the option to add extra jump rings for those requiring a slightly larger size.