Decorative Silverware Cuff Bracelet


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Beautiful handmade cuff bracelet, created from a vintage 1969 Pattern: Tangier by Oneida Silver spoon handle, purchased from an antique collector in America.

This unique piece features a stunning floral design with black accents, a captivating and elegant aesthetic.

The handle of the spoon has been formed into a cuff, allowing you to wear this beautiful piece of vintage silverware as a stylish accessory. The addition of a delicate chain and magnetic clasps adds practicality to the design, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit on your wrist.

What truly sets this bracelet apart is the ornate floral detail that adorns the entire length of the cuff. Each intricately crafted flower and vine adds a touch of romance and vintage charm, making this bracelet a true statement piece.

With a cuff bracelet that fits wrist sizes from 17 to 19cm, this piece is designed to be versatile to suit your individual style and comfort.

Embrace the beauty of vintage timeless design with this Tangier cuff bracelet.