Breathe in Breathe out Move on Unisex Cuff


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Handcrafted leather cuff, a stunning blend of repurposed materials and artistic design.

This distinctive cuff is created from a recycled leather belt, showing the beauty of upcycled materials. The leather shows visible signs of wear and use, adding a rustic charm and character to the piece. Each mark and imperfection tells a story, making every cuff a one-of-a-kind creation.

A vintage spoon bowl that has been pressed flat and hand-stamped with the inspiring quote, “Breathe in, breathe out, move on.” Each letter is stamped one at a time, creating an organic and imperfect look that adds to the cuff’s handmade charm. The letters do not line up perfectly, and some are deeper than others.

The vintage spoon bowl is riveted to the leather and features a decorative swirl saddle concho. This embellishment adds a unique and eye-catching piece to the cuff, adding to its vintage appeal.

The cuff is versatile with double stud closures, allowing for adjustable sizing to comfortably fit wrist sizes ranging from 19cm to 21.5cm.