Embossed Vintage Jam Spoon Bracelet


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Handmade bracelet, featuring a stunning embossed flower design vintage jam spoon bowl that has been transformed into a wearable work of art. The bowl, slightly domed to sit elegantly on the wrist.

With visible indications of its previous life as silverware, this vintage jam spoon bowl has been reborn into a unique piece of Molly Made wearable history. Each imperfection and mark tell a story, adding to the bracelet’s character and allure.

The bowl connected to cake fork handles, forming an elegant design. At the base of the handles, extra strong magnets provide a secure closure, ensuring that the bracelet stays comfortably in place.

No two bracelets are the same, as each piece is created with love and attention to detail. This dedication to uniqueness ensures that every bracelet is a one of a kind treasure, ready to be passed down and cherished for generations to come.

With a length of 20cm, this bracelet is designed to fit most wrists comfortably It’s a timeless piece that celebrates individuality and creativity, making it the perfect addition to any jewellery collection.