Hand Textured Symbolic Tree of Life Bracelet


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Hand textured and handmade double vintage spoon bowl bracelet, featuring a Tree of Life connector, magnetic clasps, and a delicate chain bracelet. This unique piece of jewellery is a blend of creativity, symbolism, and functionality.

The hand textured vintage spoon bowls create a unique surface that reflects the beauty of imperfection. The double spoon bowl design adds depth and dimension to the bracelet, while the Tree of Life connector serves as a powerful symbol of growth, strength, and interconnectedness.

The addition of magnetic clasps ensures effortless closure, allowing you to wear on your wrist with ease and confidence. No more struggling with traditional clasps – simply bring the ends close together, and watch as the magnets seamlessly snap into place, providing a secure and reliable fit.

Completing the bracelet is a delicate chain. Whether worn on its own or layered with other bracelets, this hand-textured handmade double spoon bowl bracelet with a Tree of Life connector is sure to make a statement.

Embrace the beauty and symbolic meaning with this bracelet.

At 18.5cm in length, this bracelet is the ideal balance between snugness and freedom of movement, allowing you to wear it with ease.