Hand Textured Sunflower Spoon Bracelet


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One of a kind handmade bracelet, this piece features two vintage spoon bowls that have been hand textured and hand formed to create a unique and captivating design.

At the center of the bracelet sits a charming sunflower connector made from Zamac alloy, ensuring both durability and safety as it contains no lead or nickel. This sweet addition adds a touch of whimsy and elegance between the two spoon bowls, enhancing the bracelet’s overall charm.

To ensure both style and comfort, the bracelet is completed with a chain and a magnetic clasp. This clasp not only adds convenience by allowing for easy wear but also provides a secure hold, ensuring that your bracelet stays in place.

With a length of 19cm, this bracelet is designed to sit beautifully on the wrist. However, the length can be adjusted upon request to ensure a perfect fit for you.