Have a few wines say a few fuck words & you’ll spark up leather cuff


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Vintage charm and contemporary style with this striking leather quoted cuff, created from colored and etched repurposed leather.

Handstamped with an empowering message, “Have a few wines, say a few fuck words & you’ll spark up,” this cuff is a playful reminder to embrace spontaneity and authenticity. The vintage spoon bowl has been stamped by hand each letter individually, creating a delightfully quirky cuff.

A touch of elegance is a stunning little gold/silver flower concho rivet on the right side of the spoon bowl, enhancing the cuff’s visual appeal and charm.

Designed for versatility and comfort, the cuff features double stud clasps, allowing for easy adjustment to fit wrist sizes ranging from 18 to 20cm. Whether worn as a statement piece or a conversation starter, this cuff is very unique and individual.