Handmade Vintage Jam Spoon Heart Bracelet


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Handmade vintage jam spoon bracelet, featuring a hand cut metal heart a stainless steel chain and D clasp closure, showing signs of wear and tear that tell the story of its origins as a vintage spoon.

The Bracelet is repurposed from a vintage jam spoon, with its unique character and history. The spoon, once used for spreading sweet preserves, now takes on a new life as a piece of Molly Made jewellery.

The center of this bracelet is a hand cut metal heart, adding a touch of romance to the design. The heart symbolizes love, passion, and connection, making it the perfect accent for this piece.

The bracelet is finished with a durable stainless steel chain and D clasp closure, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

A bracelet with a story of love and creativity.