One of a kind Vintage Charm Bracelet


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A handmade bracelet, a perfect mix of vintage elegance and contemporary style. Created from repurposed vintage spoon handles, this bracelet breathes new life into these timeless pieces of cutlery, giving them a fresh purpose as a stunning piece of jewellery.

Each handle has flower and leaf detailing at the tip, adding a touch of charm to the design, these link into a jump ring with a repurposed sterling silver earring charm. The combination of vintage silverware and recycled charm creates a unique and eye catching centerpiece, making this bracelet a wearable piece of history.

As with Molly Made creations, this bracelet is a one of a kind, lovingly created with attention to detail and individuality.

With a length of 18cm, this bracelet sits beautifully on the wrist, offering a comfortable and flattering fit. For those who prefer a slightly larger size, additional jump rings can be added to enlarge it, ensuring a perfect fit for every wearer.

To keep the bracelet snug and secure, extra-strong magnetic clasps have been added. These clasps not only provide convenience but also ensure that the bracelet stays in place, allowing you to wear it with confidence and ease.