Ornate Chunky Vintage Bracelet


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A captivating beauty handmade bracelet, created from ornate chunky vintage fork handles, each with the unique stampings on their insides, tales of their rich history. The outer edges of both handles are adorned with a swirl design, adding an extra layer of sophistication to this stunning piece.

Connecting the handles together is a striking zamac metal connector, a unique Turkish design that gives the bracelet an exotic charm, making the bracelet a true statement of individuality and style.

Designed for both elegance and convenience, the bracelet features extra-strong magnetic clasps, offering ease of wear while ensuring a secure fit. This addition provides you to adorn yourself with this one-of-a-kind piece effortlessly.

Measuring 22cm in length, this bracelet is a bold and distinctive. Each element of its design reflects an attention to detail, resulting in a timeless piece that celebrates the beauty vintage design. Embrace its uniqueness and make a statement with this exquisite handmade bracelet