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Royal Rose Bead Bracelet


Sold out!

Timeless elegance with this handmade bracelet, created from the handle of a 1930s serving spoon from Royal Rose by Nobility Plate Oneida. This exquisite bracelet showcases the stunning flower design of the era, preserved to capture the essence of vintage charm.

Adding a contemporary twist to this one-of-a-kind vintage piece, the bracelet features repurposed turquoise organic shape beads, connecting to the handle. Each bead has its own unique shape, creating a blend of old-world sophistication and modern flair.

Secured with a stainless steel clasp and measuring 21.5cm, this bracelet has both durability and ease of wear, ensuring a comfortable fit for the wrist. Whether worn as a statement piece or a cherished keepsake, it serves as a tangible connection to the past, celebrating the beauty of the vintage design.