Symbolic Tree of Life Bracelet


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Wearable history with this vintage bracelet from Molly Made, where the past is intertwined with symbolism and style.

This bracelet features vintage spoon handles, each a testament to the elegance of eras gone by. Linked between these handles is a stainless steel crystal tree of life, its intricate branches adorned with a crystal that capture the light.

The tree of life, a symbol rich in meaning and mythology, serves as the focal point of this bracelet, representing growth, strength, and interconnectedness. As you wear this bracelet, you carry with you the essence of this powerful symbol, a reminder of your own journey and the beauty of life’s cycles.

Extra-strong magnetic clasps, ensuring a secure fit and ease of wear for the wearer. T

With a length of 19.5cm, this bracelet drapes elegantly around the wrist, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.