Vintage Charm & Modern Flair Handstamped Cuff


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Step into the realm of unique and captivating with the handmade Vintage Spoon Bowl Leather Cuff—a one-of-a-kind accessory that marries vintage charm with modern flair, this cuff features a repurposed vintage spoon bowl, transformed into a captivating centrepiece for your wrist.

Each letter on the spoon bowl has been stamped by hand, creating an as unique and truly distinctive piece. The message hand stamped reads, “THE FUTURE WILL BE MORE EXCITING THAN ANYTHING LEFT IN YOUR PAST,” serving as a daily reminder to embrace the endless possibilities of tomorrow.

Adding to its charm, the cuff is created from patterned tan leather, originally sourced from a belt, now repurposed into a stunning wrist cuff. The leather’s original life adds to the cuff’s character, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.

With its double stud clasp design, this cuff offers versatility and adjustability, with wrist measurements ranging from 20 to 22cm. Whether worn alone, as a statement piece, or layered with other accessories, it exudes individuality and style.

Embrace the excitement of the future while celebrating the beauty of the past with this Vintage Spoon Bowl Leather Cuff. Handmade with passion and attention to detail, it’s a timeless accessory that tells a story and captures the essence of your unique journey.