Rhapsody Silverpride Fork Bracelet


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Vintage handmade bracelet, featuring the Rhapsody Silverpride handle that was once a spoon, crafted in Sheffield, England. The intricate detail adorning the entire length of the handle is a testament to the skill and artistry of its makers, a sense of nostalgia.

The fork part of this bracelet has been carefully curled by hand, adding a touch uniqueness to each tine. As a result of its repurposing, the bracelet shows signs of use and wear, showing the charm and character that come with age. The wear and tear serving as a reminder of its storied past and the countless meals shared around tables long ago.

Every piece of Molly Made vintage cutlery jewellery holds a story waiting to be told, and this bracelet is no exception. From its origins in Sheffield, England, to its transformation into a stunning piece of jewellery, the journey of this bracelet is nothing short of remarkable. Every scratch, every mark tells a tale of a bygone era, adding depth and meaning to its design.

At 18cm in length, this bracelet is the ideal balance between snugness and freedom of movement, the magnetic clasps ensure effortless closure, allowing you to wear on your wrist with ease and confidence. No more struggling with traditional clasps – simply bring the ends close together, and watch as the magnets seamlessly snap into place, providing a secure and reliable fit.