Whimsical Vintage Fork Chain Bracelet


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A whimsical Vintage Dinner Fork Chain Bracelet, a quirky and charming accessory handcrafted from repurposed vintage dinner forks. Each fork has been transformed into a delightful chain bracelet, showcasing the artistry of a Molly Made piece.

The four tines of the fork have been hand-formed into playful curls, creating a unique and eye-catching design that sits elegantly on the wrist or arm. Whether worn with the fork facing inward or outward, this versatile bracelet adds a touch of whimsy.

To ensure both style and durability, using double non-magnetic chain to connect the fork to the magnetic clasps. These extra-strong magnets provide a secure closure, making it easy to fasten the bracelet with confidence.

Measuring 18cm in length, this bracelet offers a comfortable and tailored fit for most wrists. The Vintage Dinner Fork Chain Bracelet is sure to spark conversation and admiration wherever you go.

Embrace the charm of repurposed vintage silverware and add a touch of playful elegance to your wardrobe with this delightful bracelet from Molly Made.